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Episode XVI: *IndyPopCon Recordings* Intro/Day 1 of IPC/Day 2 of IPC/Live Recording on the Sam Ash Podcasting Stage & Day 3 of IPC


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Episode XV: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Classic Collection & Pain and Gain/Magneto #3 & Batman '66 Meets the Green Hornet #1/Nerd Origins & News/Nerd Review(s) of Godzilla, X-Men: Days of Future Past/Nerd Favorite: Our Favorite Up-and-Coming Director

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Episode XIV: Son of Batman & QuizUp/Daredevil #2 & Caliban #1,2/Nerd Origins & News/Nerd Review: Amazing Spider-man 2/Nerd Favorite: Our Favorite N64 Game

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Episode XIII: Game of Thrones & Fargo/Wolverine 1-3 & Evil Empire #2, Translucid #1/Nerd Origins & News/Top 5 Movie Tropes That Piss us Off/Nerd Favorite: Our Favorite Goosebump Book

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Episode XII: Shameless, Nerd Cave & Saving Mr. Banks/Batman Eternal & Silver Surfer #1/Nerd Origins & News/Nerd Review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier/*How I Met Your Mother Series Finale Discussion* Nerd Favorite: Our Favorite Series Finale

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Episode XI: Arrow & Muppets Most Wanted/Magneto & Ghost Rider #1/Nerd Origins & News/Pat & Tyler's Nerd Shames/Nerd Favorite: Our Favorite Film Franchise

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Episode X: *Oscar Reactions* Shameless & Birth of the Living Dead/Daredevil & Evil Empire/Nerd Origins & News/Top 5 Summer Movie Preview/Nerd Favorite: Our Favorite Blu-Ray Boxset

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Episode IX: Fright Night 2 & Late Night w/ Seth Meyers/ Ms. Marvel & Fantastic Four #1/Nerd Origins & News/Nerd Tribute to Harold Ramis/Nerd Favorite: Favorite Harold Ramis Film

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Episode VIII: The Lego Movie & About Time/Invaders #1 & Down Set Fight/Nerd Origins & News/Top 5 Favorite Rom Coms/Nerd Favorite: Our Favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman Performance

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Episode VII: Back in the Day & Enlisted/Empire of the Dead & Deadly Class/Nerd Origins & News *Plus Questions from a Listener*/Nerd Review of Her/Nerd Favorite: Our Favorite X-Men Character

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