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Pat and Tyler forgo most of the typical segments and just celebrate the glory that is Indy Pop Con!  This episode includes all the various recordings we got at our booth and our live recording on the podcast stage with our friends Billy and Brandon from Billy and Brandon Watch Movies!  Enjoy!


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Links to the Cool People We Met:

Disney, Indiana Podcast

In this bi-weekly podcast, your hosts Tracey and Scott take you to Disney, Indiana and discuss books, movies, music, theme parks, video games and whatever else in the Disneyverse they'd like to talk about.

Loading Crew Crafts

The Loading Crew is a husband and wife team consisting of two different kinds of artists. The business was started in 2014 when the duo was asked to sell some of their home made goods at a local community college. After a successful show, they decided to expand into artist alleys at anime and comic conventions. Within 1 year, the couple had completed over 12 successful shows and are looking to expand even further.

Jake Omen Wrestling

American professional wrestler from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Twitter/Instagram: @JakeOmen2012


MatchStick (the blonde one) and AutoJon (beardo) play video games while providing commentary MST3K style. On occasion, we also like to make it down to our local Fight Night, hosted by the CFG or Columbus Fighting Games group.

Michael T Mann!

My happy thoughts will forcefully enter your brain. Comedy needs no warrant.


Just some goofs riffing movies. We provide the riff track. You provide the laugh track!

Dodeca System

The Dodeca-System is the nuts-and-bolts rules system created by Mike Finkelstein and Dave Phillips. With just a single twelve-sided die you can unlock a world of possibities.

Starbase Indy

Who is Starbase Indy?  Well, Starbase Indy is you -- the fan.  Comprised of approximately 35 core members, we are 100% volunteer and work from March to December every year.  We spend those ten months planning all the details during monthly meetings - everything from which guests to invite, to where to put all the programming in the hotel.  We create all of our own art including the convention badges, program books and in most cases, the convention t-shirts.

Like many of the Star Trek fan clubs out there, our primary focus is to create an event where like-minded individuals can enjoy each other's company, meet new friends and work towards helping our favorite charity.  Starbase Indy is considered a 501(c)7 and we currently work to raise money for Cats Haven, LUNGevity (in honor of our fallen comrade, Dana Dougan) and The Jason Foundation.

There are many great conventions out there; some fan-run and some for profit.  Starbase Indy has that small convention feel, bringing in about 650 attendees each year, with big-time programming. There is always something to do at Starbase Indy and usually until the wee hours of the morning.  Many of our loyal convention goers attend several conventions a year, but they always say that Starbase Indy is their favorite.  We hope that you will give Starbase Indy a chance and see what you think.

Lynette Eklund

Lynette Eklund has been in the special effect industry since she was 20. Her work comes in all sizes, from stop-motion miniatures to full-size dinosaurs. With over 50 IMDb television and film credits to her name, she has contributed to Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, Beetlejuice, Species I & II, the Emmy Award winning miniseries The Stand, and Oscar-nominated The Lost World: Jurassic Park, among others, while working with the likes of Ben Kingsley, Jeff Goldblum, Gore Verbinski and Stephen Spielberg.

Lynette’s skills have also been used on the Teddy Ruxpin talking teddy bear; commercials for McDonalds, Duracell, and Budweiser, among others; Tokyo Disneyland, Epcot, Universal Studios and several other amusement parks around the world; mentoring her long-time Con-going friend Lance Ikegawa; and painting limited-edition collectables for Disney sculptor Terri Hardin.

Resistance Radio

Resistance Radio is's weekly podcast dedicated to the Star Wars universe. Join regular hosts Mikey and Donya for all the latest news, theories, interviews and much more from the galaxy far, far away.

JSL Podcast

Welcome to JSL Podcast! This is the podcast (JSW coming soon!) that talks about everything from comics, video games, movies and tv shows! Hilarity and insanity happens every episode, so Just Sit and Listen (get it?) and enjoy what your about to hear and see!!

Billy and Brandon Watch Movies

Meet Billy, an up and coming theatre employee, and his best friend Brandon, whose biggest accomplishment to date has been coming in third place at a beauty pageant that one time that he played Monopoly. The one thing they have in common is their love of movies, but whenever they watch one together it penetrates their lives and becomes a part of their reality. 

It also affects the lives of those around them that get dragged into their shenanigans. Friends such as Kurt, Sally, and the Shovers are always front and center, but also Billy's angry manager Jeff, their nemesis Jarrod, and that leach of a man named Steve. Some are more willing to be a part of the fun than others, but they all get sucked in one way or the other. 

The show was created and written by the real life Billy and Brandon, and it is filmed by the real life Kurt and Jarrod. All of whom graduated with film degrees during a recession. While the naming of characters lacks creativity, the driving force of the show is the witty dialogue and the care taken to both parody and pay homage to the movies that each episode is based on. Hopefully you have as much fun watching them as we had making them.


And of course...

Obsessive Viewer

Blog & Podcasts featuring movie/TV reviews and editorials about the entertainment industry.



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