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That's no moon; it's a podcast! Welcome to "The Nerds Podcast," where we delve deep into the realms of all things geeky and nerdy! Strap in for a hilarious journey through the worlds of movies, TV, and video games with your favorite nerdy hosts!

Sep 2, 2020

Episode 302: Blumhouse Joint: Tyler starts off the episode by discussing the new Apple TV Plus series Ted Lasso. Pat gives his thoughts on the new Netflix series Hoops. Tyler leads the discussion of the latest Nerd News (including a discussion of Chadwick Boseman). The Nerds then discuss their thoughts on the new X-Men film The New Mutants! They end the episode with a Nerd Favorite (not really).


-What We are Into: 6:53-18:24

-Nerd News: 18:24-35:56

-New Mutants Review: 35:56-55:11

-Nerd Favorite: 55:11-59:34

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